Useful Advice From A Plumber

By: Edward Lester

Many homeowners would often fix any small household problems, like a blocked toilet or a leaking pipe. Repairs are crucial especially when it comes to plumbing. However, the bare truth is that we wouldn’t be worrying about household repairs if we knew how to keep our homes in good condition all the time.

It is not wrong if you decide to try fixing minor plumbing issues in your house. But if not careful, minor issues can grow into bigger problems depending with how you handle the repairs or how long it takes before actually fixing the problem. Such simple mistakes can see make you incur enormous repair costs down the road. You need to handle the repairs soonest possible.
plumber-sydney-wide-whoThe Best Advice From Your Plumber, Sydney

Here are a few things that any plumber would want you to be aware of in advance of plumbing problems.

1.    Drain-Cleaning Chemicals Are Not Advised

If you are experiencing drainage problems in your home, abstain from the use of chemicals. Any plumbing professional licensed by the Plumbers Licensing Board will tell you of the harm chemicals can cause to drainpipes. Furthermore, chemicals are hard to handle. If you find the drainage problem to be serious, seek expert help soonest possible. You can avoid drainage clogging by ensuring that clog-causers like grease and hair do not find their way into your pipes.

2.    Your Toilet Is Not A Garbage Can

Just like any other room in your house, your toilet has a purpose. There is also a use for your trash can as well. The Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine emphasizes the importance of understanding the role of a toilet, and a trash can help keep your drainage system functional. Even if you buy a product with the “flushable” sticker on it, unless it falls under the category of toilet or tissue paper, do not flush it but rather throw it in the trash can. Things like toilet scrubbers, feminine hygiene products, remover pads, wet wipes and cat litter should be disposed in a trash can. They do not disintegrate well as many assume and can end up clogging the drainpipes.

3.    Avoid Dropping In Toilet Fresheners

Even though the colour of blue water in your toilet seat is satisfying, toilet fresheners pose a danger to your pipes. Toilet tablets contain very strong chemicals that accelerate the wearing out of parts of your toilet tank. At times, these tablets get stuck in the flush valve while dissolving which makes it hard to flush your toilet. If you are a regular toilet cleaner and a hygiene freak, then toilet fresheners are not a necessity on your list.

4.    Your Garbage Disposal Should Not Be Overloaded

Just like the rule of a trash can, you have to treat your garbage disposal with care. Do not overload it with fibrous foods like artichokes and celery. You should also avoid cramming enormous amounts of food. Instead, feed in small portions of garbage with cold water.

5.    Avoid Mixing Of Metals

While having your house under repair, you should avoid mixing metals of different kinds. For instance, a galvanic action is bound to occur if dissimilar metals such as steel and copper come into contact.